Character Creation

Character Creation

Since this isn’t a full campaign, just a module, I am going to make Character creation very simple. You have standard wealth for a 17th level character, and if you want a custom magic item shoot me a message and we can talk.


You are allowed to manipulate the following array into any order you see fit, but you must keep these numbers.

18, 18, 16, 16, 14, 14

Other Notes…

Go ahead and use the following Sample Character as a template for your character sheet. Take out the stuff you don’t need, and fill in the appropriate things that you do need. You should note that I am opening up some Homebrew stuff for you guys to play around with. The following Links will take you there.

Void Feats

The Dread Sniper

Final Note

I would like each of you to give me a brief history of your character. This isn’t so much a ‘Where my character was born, what his favorite color is’ history. No, I want to the details on how your character came to become the awesome, 17th level humanoid that he is today. Trust me, this is very important, and you will be rewarded for doing this…

Character Creation

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