The Mane of Aslan

Justice for the unjust

weapon (ranged)

This +2 Lion of Judah becomes The Mane of Aslan in the hands of a Paladin. It functions as a Lion of Judah, in addition to the following abilities:

  • Transfiguration: Whenever the Paladin uses his Smite Evil (or equivalent, like Smiting Shot) ability with The Mane of Aslan, the Paladin gains a +4 Sacred Bonus to Dexterity, Charisma, and Constitution, as well as Resist 10 to Acid/Cold/Electricity. This lasts for one minute, or the duration of Smite Evil, whichever is longer.
  • Force of the Divine: Whenever a Paladin shoots this gun, he adds his Dexterity Bonus as a Sacred bonus to Damage.
  • Ammunition Eternal: This weapon is always loaded with Cold Iron Ammunition. As a standard action, a Paladin can switch between slugs and pellets. If the Paladin chooses, he can load this shotgun with his own ammunition. The action required is the normal for a gun of this type.
  • Greater Avenger: When a Paladin takes up this weapon. It functions as a Holy Avenger with the following special abilities added to it: Heavenly Burst, Warning, and Seeking.
  • Righteous Intelligence: This item contains an intelligence that will stand for no wrong done. It may not be vocal, but it is strong-willed.

Soon after Calamity discovered the Lion of Judah, he came across a group of travelers trying to escape the Whirlwind that hunted them. They traveled together for some time, and as they learned Calamity’s story, they decided to assist the Paladin. One of them, a Halfling by the name of Saradac, imbued the Lion of Judah with a portion of his soul and the intent of justice against all who wronged the wielder. Thus, The Mane of Aslan was created.

The Mane of Aslan

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