La forĂȘt est vivante



  • Jemaline (Fey)
  • Fey 1,Druid 8,Dragon Warrior 8
  • Chaotic Good
  • Languages: Sylvan, Common, Rodent, Dwarven, Giant, Infernal, Abyssal, Draconic
Vital Statistics
  • Max HP: 217
  • BAB: 15
  • Initiative: +28
  • Speed: 60, Swim 50
  • Void Points:5
Combat Maneuver Total Base BaB Str Dex Size Misc
Defense 46 10 14 -1 +9 -2 +26
Bonus 11 d20 +14 -1 -2
Armor Class 10+ Dex+ Armor Item+ Shield Item+ Natural Armor+ Deflection Item+ Size+ Misc Bonuses
Standard 43 10 +0 +0 +0 +5 +12 +2 +13

Flat Footed:43


Save Total Base Ability Magic Misc
Fortitude 22 12 6 5
Reflex 22 4 9 9
Will 30 12 12 5 2
  • SR 22
Weapon Attack Damage Critical
Grace +36/+31/+26 1d8+2d6Holy+22 19-20 (2d8+2d6+34)
Ability Scores
Stat Total Modifier Base Magic
STRANTH 8 -1 8 0
Dexterity 28 +9 22 +6
Constitution 22 +6 16 +6
Intelligence 18 +4 12 +6
Wisdom 34 +12 28 +6
Charisma 8 -1 8 +0
Skill Total Ranks Ability Magic Misc
Acrobatics +26 17 +9
Climb +26 17 17 =9
Disable Device +21 17 +4
Escape Artist +26 17 +9
Knowledge (Nature) +21 17 +4
Perception +38 17 +12 +9
Sense Motive +33 17 12 +4
Spellcraft +29 17 12
Stealth +39 17 9 +13
Use Magic Device

|Class Abilities| Offensive Ability Defensive/Passive Ability

  • Spellcasting as Spirit Shaman
  • Resist Death’s Lure
  • Channel energy as a cleric 2 levels lower(2d6 3/day).
  • Disease Immunity
  • Favored Enemy Evil Outsider +4, Construct +2
  • AC Bonus
  • Fast Movement
  • Body of Soul
  • Chi Shield
  • Dragon’s Fire 2/day
  • Dragons Fury(rage) 3/day
  • Dragon’s Grip(greater rage) Chi Shield
  • Chi Shield DR2/-, SR
Racial Alertness Bonuses to Perception and Sense Motive
1 Intuitive Attack Wisdom to attack rolls(replaces Str)
3 Initiate of Selune Adds Spells to Class Spell List, Bonus CL on Div Spells
5 Behemoths Foe +damage to larger favored enemies
7 Toughness Extra Hit Points
9 Weapon Focus(Great-sword) +1 Bonus to hit with Great-swords
11 Practiced Spellcaster +4 Bonus to CL
13 Battlefield Intuition Add Wisdom Bonus to Initiative Checks
15 Underfoot tactics no AOO for entering opponents square
17 Giantbane bonuses against creatures larger than you
Trait Name What the Trait Does
Reactionary +2 Trait Bonus on Initiative Checks
Extremely fashionable +2 trait to bluff and dip
Magical Equipment __
Slot Item Effect Craft Check
Head Feathered cap Of Int +6 Int
Face Earring Of reduction Can become 1 size smaller and back at will
Throat Collar of Wisdom
Shoulders Cape of Resisistance +4 and Agility Greater +4 to all saves, +5 to reflex saves
Hands Gloves Of Arrow Snatching Catch the first two arrows shot at me each day
Torso Vest of The Striking Serpent Grants Cmbt Ref and Imp Init
Waist Belt of Con and Dex+6 +6 Con and +6 Dex
Boots Vanguard Treads of Charging Move thru terrain, +8 to misc., +1d8 wepdmg when charging.
Ring 1 Ring Of the Insatiable Locust Makes a Locust that eats a lot
Ring 2 Ring of Universal Elemental Resistance Resistance 10 to all elements

|Other Possessions| Grace: +1 Holy Fierce Greatsword of Graceful Strikes(Hardened Ironwood)

|Racial Traits|
  • Size tiny
  • Fey Traits: Low Light Vision
  • Can speak with rodents
  • +6Dex,+6Wis,-6Str,-6Cha,-4Int
  • Treat 1 martial weapon as a simple weapon (greatsword)
  • 0

  • 30000
|Miscellaneous Statistics|
  • Age:121
  • Height: 9”
  • Weight: 18lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: Light: 13lb. or less. Medium: 26lb. Heavy: 40lb. Lift: 80lb Push: 200lb
  • Current weight carried: 2lbs.

Typical Spells Prepared

  • Level 0
  • Level 1
  • Lava missile
  • Vigor, Lesser
  • Power sight
  • Level 2
  • Lesser restoration-
  • Countermoon
  • Snakes Swiftness, mass
  • Level 3
  • Brittleskin
  • Crumble
  • Spikes
  • Level 4
  • Sheltered vitality
  • Languor
  • Level 5
  • Memory rot

When Reticheep was born, to the rest of his people he seemed malformed. less humanoid, and more mouselike than ratlike. As they debated what to do with him for a few decades(being fey, they didn’t make any hasty decisions)he grew into a fine young buck. shunned by the rest of the community, he knew that the only way to win their respect was to become the best in the clan at something. First he embraced his fey heritage, following the rout of the Nature magician, but the other mages in the community disliked the difference in the way he used his magic. so He took to the path of the Ranger, choosing to hunt the Bog devils that plagues the swampy homeland of his people, but even that won him no respect, so he left his homeland determined to find fame and return the conquering hero, never realizing that this bravery and strength was part of what alienated him from the rest of his kind.

After rescuing a small kingdom from the ravages of a young adult dragon, having to kill it to stop it, he met with the leader of the draconic council of the region to make restitution. In judgment they chose his indentured servitude for 20 years. during this time, he became a trusted friend to several members of the council and their families, tasked with great responsibility, and given the power to complete the tasks set before him. He became an ambassador from the draconic council to the fey, where he rose to great fame and was well liked by members of both races for the fair solutions to problems he would pose, showing great wisdom in his decisions.

After his service was over, he continued to serve alongside the dragons who had without him realizing it become his people. he continued to study the secrets of draconic combat he had been gifted with in the past, and even among the dragons was revered as a great warrior-sage, eventually becoming advisor and guardian to the High councilor himself. Sadly, this was not to last. when the High Council of Dragons heard that a non-dragon had been trusted with this position, they were outraged, and demanded that he be released at once.

The council members’ pleas on his behalf only angered the High Council more, and they decreed that he should be cast out, never to learn any more of the secrets of draconic power. The local council had to submit, and Reticheep was cast out into the world on his own once more. realizing now that his people could never accept him, he ventured out in hopes of finding fortune for himself in the world at large. Hearing romors that there may be adveture to be had in the locale, he traveled to a temple he had never before visited, and there he seeks his fate.


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